“When He Comes Down” By The Hoppers

we sing this song in my church, i love it … the hoppers christian religious gaithers god jesus spiritual gospel

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25 Responses to ““When He Comes Down” By The Hoppers”

  • hannibalheyes says:

    anyone know where I can find the sheet music for this song?

  • MrThomashope says:

    this gives me goosebumps whenever i hear it! kim is simply fantastic – when my mother passed away in ’07, i found such comfort in this song!

  • Rebekah816 says:

    ummmm it’s no wonder why Kim won Soprano of the year again at NQC this year. she is amazing!

  • ladytxlove says:

    What an amazing song! I am watching the Eastern Sky because I believe it can be any day! The prophesies fulfilled, He is coming soon!
    Not sure anyone could deliver this song like Kim!

  • rogersjc8 says:

    my Lord, my Lord………….

  • adamsos says:

    ill be awakened from the grave and if i remain ill hear the trumpets joyful sound though i didn’t see him go up ill see him when he comes down.

  • adamsos says:


    My eyes shall see King Jesus when he comes in clouds of glory if I am sleeping Ill be awakened from the grave and if i remain ill hear the trumpets joyful sound I didnt see him go up but ill see him when he comes down.
    ill be like him ill be like him though i dont know what ill be ill be like him I shall see him as he is and thats good enough for me ill be like him when he comes down my eyes shall see king Jesus when he comes in clouds of glory if i am sleeping ill be

  • adamsos says:

    When Jesus was here
    he gave us the words of eternal life
    he gave us his peace and he said ill not leave you alone. And though I wasnt there when the multitude watched him ascend Two angels in white announced he would come back again. What a blessing it was to be crowd gathered there that day to see him go up and in clouds see him taken away. But i know in my heart that a greater blessing waits now for me cause im part of the crowd that is watching the sky’s faithfully

  • dakarr1000 says:

    Where can I get the lyrics for this song? I have searched the web for days and can’t find it anywhere.

  • bepinlv says:

    Wow…what an amazing video! Thanks for the posting!

  • Revanthonyc says:

    What an amazing truth sand so simply !

    This communicates our blessed hope of Jesus
    soon return !

    Praise God !

  • worsham238 says:

    i love kim her voice is just amazing god bless

  • adamsos says:

    Hi everyone the writer of this song is George Lewis.

  • adamsos says:

    Hey im 100% who the writer of this song is. His name is George Lewis. He is a pastor and he has written many other songs that I am going to make sure to post. He wasnt big on taking credit but I am determined to post them everyone. If you are interested in finding out more about him just message me and ill be glad to answer you. God bless you all!

  • billburchfied says:

    I want to thank you for all the songs you have put on here. they have been a great blessing to me and there are days when they change my day from dark and cloudy to sunshine

  • shirleylove2 says:

    I love this song. First time I have heard it. Husband is one who is sleeping and I remain to see him when He comes down for now. I cannit enought of this song. I love singing right along with the Hoppers.

  • nw01qh0507 says:

    Shannon Childress

  • nw01qh0507 says:

    The writer of this song was either wrote byt Shannon Childress (the pianist) or Marcia Henry.This song is originally from the 1996 album
    Anchor To The Power of the Cross

  • storypeddler says:

    This is absolutely one of the most moving songs I’ve heard. I’m typing this with tears running down my face. All praise and glory and honor to Jesus!!! It would have, indeed, been a remarkable thing to have been there and see Him be taken up into the clouds. But an even greater thrill will be the moment He steps out onto the clouds and returns for us. I, too, didn’t see Him go up, but praise God, by His infinite grace, I’ll see Him when He comes down!!!

  • cursumperficio says:

    one of the best SONGS ever…puts our hope to music…I’m so glad Jesus made a way for us to see HIM one day…HIS invitation extends to everyone…just say YES!!!

  • dwebb87 says:

    It’s fun to watch the legends in amazement of her singing abilities. They stand there in awe of that voice of hers.

  • dwebb87 says:

    If you think she is amazing on this song listen to “Jerusalem”

  • Marlynjjones says:

    Praise God; I too will see Him when He comes in clouds of Glory! I love this song by one of my favorite artists! Kim’s voice is touched by God! Would someone email the words

  • wdeadman49 says:

    WOW!….This short girl’s voice is amazing!…I love The Hoppers’ songs…..! Praise be to God forevermore!

  • Ricky0968 says:

    Can you please tell me who the pianist is in this video? The hoppers used to have this male pianist early 1990’s with them , but he quietly disappeared?

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