When they use the word squirrel to label somebody in Scientology, what does it mean?

When they use the word squirrel to label somebody in Scientology, what does it mean?
I was reading some of the stories of some ex-scientologist, and they use the term squirrel a lot to try to disconnect them. What does squirrel mean?

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Answer by Goomba
Maybe it means someone is acting nutty.

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  • Pixie says:

    A squirrel is someone who subverts Hubbard’s “Tech” by alteration. In other words, someone who is unable to follow Standard Tech (meaning Scientology’s teachings).

  • maguyver727 says:

    Hey, I AM a Nut!!!
    So There!

  • Hestia's Priestess RIRS says:


    A person who subverts Hubbard’s “Tech” by alteration. The name probably came from the idea of squirrels burying, or being associated with, nuts. In the cult jargon, Squirrel refers to someone who is too insane to follow Standard Tech. “Mayo was a Squirrel because he altered Source.” May also be used as a verb denoting the action of subversion of Scientology “Technology,” as “Koos has been squirreling auditing tech.”

  • Theta Works says:

    These people alter the technical procedures and policies of Scientology so that they become unworkable.

    They are are labelled as squirrels because they fit the characteristics of an anti-social (insane) personality.

    See the references I linked for the characteristics.

  • Christobal D says:

    A Squirrel is a term used to label an individual who delivers altered Scientology technology, that’s not being delivered as per L. Ron Hubbard specific teachings and instructions.

    The gains to be had from Dianetics and Scientology are most assured when the tech is used as it is intended to be used and not changed in anyway, or mixed with any other type of technology.

    Squirreling results in serious problems with the church and most importantly with the parishioner receiving the materials in question.

    Freezone Scientology was initially created by several renegade ex-scientologist’s who were excommunicated from the church for the repeated squirreling of Scientology technology, among other things back in the early 1980’s following a reorganization of international church management.

    These guys attempted to create a “new” church of scientology using made up or in many cases, altered materials, and trying to pass them off as the authentic.

    “The Freezoners” are the one’s who incidentally are responsible for starting the old “space and alien” rumor the media has tried to label Scientology with. However these Freezone groups are very small in number and many of these chaps are no longer in operation.

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