Where do Orthodox Jews believe Christians will spend eternity?

A question from a reader: Christians believe Jesus is the Messiah but Orthodox Jews do not believe that Jesus is God. I am a born again Christian and support Israel with money for Israeli orphanages and love the nation of Israel because my Messiah was Jewish. I am thankful that the US backs the Israel and I would even more if possible.

Where do Orthodox Jews believe Christians will spend eternity?

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10 Responses to “Where do Orthodox Jews believe Christians will spend eternity?”

  • Whoo! says:

    I’m not sure! I’m not an orthodox

  • LadySuri says:

    No Jew believes J*sus is god, not just the Orthodox ones.

    Anyways. Judaism is not a faith-based religion, it is action based, and we believe that anyone who is a good person has a place in the world to come/Garden of Eden/Paradise/whatever. No matter your religion.


  • Barry C says:

    You seem aware that non-Christians have a different conept of God and Messiahs. That is good!

    What may not be as obvious as all that is that other religions also have different concepts of “eternity” and what might happen.

    Probably Othodox Jews are not as keen as Christians seem to be in separating everyone else into differnt groups in order to mke judgments about thier idea of eternity.

    I’d suggest just worrying about your own beliefs and not worry about saving anyone else.

    If you really need to know, go to the local synagogue and ask the rabbi. He is there as a teacher, not a religious icon. Any rabbi can surely answer this on behalf of Orthodox Jews, even if he or she (yes he or she!) is not themselves Orthodox.

    Screw up the courage to talk to a real Jew and you may be pleasantly surprised what happens.

  • L'Chaim says:

    “Belief” is secondary to “action” in Judaism so no one can speak for all Jews. Generally, it is easier for non-Jews to gain a share in the world-to-come than for Jews. Part of our covenant with God is that we are obligated to abide by 613 commandments — non-Jews are bound by only the 7 Noahide Laws.

    The only time we think about the aferlife is when Christians bring it up. We don’t obsess over who gets punished and who gets rewarded. Our focus is to do as much as possible for others. Jesus is redundant to Judaism because Jews have always received forgiveness, salvation, redemption from slavery in Egypt, etc. We don’t believe God judges us by blood sacrifices and what we “believe.”

    In Judaism, the focus is on the entire community rather than “personal” salvation. Our punishment is exile rather than eternal damnation.

    Yes, Christians have a share in the world-to-come, along with atheists, Muslims, homosexuals, Hindus, etc., depending on what you DO in this life, not what you BELIEVE.

  • ivri_anokhi says:

    It is not so much what do Orthodox Jews believe, so much as what Jewish Law states.

    Non-Jews who observe the six Noahide laws are worthy of the World to Come. Jews, on the other hand, must obey far more commandments.


  • MikeInRI says:

    Most Orthodox Jews do not believe in an afterlife – however, there is a believe that 1/3 of the world’s righteous will be raised from the dead as it says in the book of Daniel. This figure of one 1/3 are not only to be Jews (as many interpret) but 1/3 of all of those who have lived. So in that interpretation of the bible held by many Orthodox 1/3 of all Gentiles (which to Orthodox Jews would include Christians) will be saved – their is no specification on the precentage of that will be Christians. For many Orthodox Jews dead means dead and their is no afterlife to speak of for anyone. So it is important to live this life as best as can be done.

    Good Luck!!!

  • Michael J says:

    Righteous gentiles go to paradise just as Jews do. However, there isn’t any more specific answer than that. Judaism is not a religion that deals overly much with the afterlife, nor is there any specific dogma thereof. In general, good people go to Heaven, while Jews are guaranteed a spot even if they have to go to Gehenom (hell) first.

  • vansemmanuel says:

    I dont care what the person believed as long as they followed Noahaide laws, it isnt up to me.

  • Mr. X says:

    orthodox jews don’t think about where christians will spend eternity, they really don’t care, it’s none of their business. they don’t even pay much attention to where they are going to spend eternity. the focus is on THIS life, helping living people in this world.

  • lord-k says:


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