Where is a cheap place to renew wedding vowels in Las Vegas?

Where is a cheap place to renew wedding vowels in Las Vegas?
My husband and I are travelling to Las Vegas soon and we want to renew our marriage vowels. We would like to go somewhere cheesy where there is an Elvis impersonator – however it is not essential. We are on a budget. Does anybody know of any inexpensive places we can do this?
I have already scoured the internet and I cannot see anything cheaper than £300 for renewal of vowels. However people have told me that it is possible for $ 200 or less. I am relying on word of mouth, otherwise I will see for myself when I get there.

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Answer by badbilly
You have a pc. Google Las Vegas Elvis Wedding, fer chrissakes!

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  • Dances With Mops 2 - Mop Bucket Boogaloo says:

    You just want to renew the vowels? What about the consonants, don’t they count?

    Do you, perhaps, mean “vows?”

  • cpcii says:

    Look online for a Minister in Las Vegas, and just stand out in the middle of the strip (I reccoment in front of the Volcano @ The Mirage. or by the Fabulous Welcome To Las Vegas Sign and renew your Vows to each other, you can probalby get a minister for under $ 100 for an hours time.

    Look up Las Vegas Wedding Chappels and see which one strikes your fancy

    A Las Vegas Elvis (http://www.vegaselvis.com/)

  • duker918 says:

    Vowels are kinda pricey. $ 250 a pop. You’d be paying for an ‘e’, an ‘i’ and an ‘o’ so your looking at $ 750 minimum.

  • MJM says:

    Sara, if you are ‘serious’…please contact me through my profile here (click on my picture/avatar) and you can send me an email.

    I have “many” connections with the wedding chapels, Elvis folks that do the wedding “vows” and Wedding Vow Renewals…even have one that will pick you up and drive you around the strip with pics at the Welcome to Vegas Sign. (Pretty fun!)

    If you just want pics with Elvis…anywhere…or ‘just’ a Wedding Vow renewal ceremony…or the Pink Cadillac with Elvis and Vows…etc. Just let us know. We’ll contact our ‘connections’ and get you the most we can for your budget!

    FYI…Renewal Vows with Elvis, only…for $ 200…I’m sure I can get that done for you!
    LOL…if you’d like to see the Cirque Du Soleil’s Elvis show..let me know that too…if it’s in your budget, I’m sure we can get you a deal there too! After all, that’s what I/we do for a living…coordinate events and book people’s air/hotel/shows/limos/etc.

  • Infinite ain't beyond! says:

    I seen a Elvis with his pink cadillac at the Welcome To Las Vegas sign. Renew without the official priest. Just tip the Elvis very good!

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