Which organ piece for baptism?

Which organ piece for baptism?
I am playing the organ at the end of my younger brother’s baptism, don’t no what to play. Anyone got any ideas?

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Answer by JJWJ
“know what to play” (not “no what to play”)

Has your younger brother made the decision HIMSELF to surrender his life to Jesus? Many people claim to be Christian, but are not. (My mother was pretty accurate in 1966 when she told me as I dried myself after being baptized by immersion: ” … And all you see in churches are going to tell you they’re Christian. Sixty percent? Yeah, they’re saved. Forty percent? No way.)

One good one would be “Washed in the Blood of the Lamb”. Look in the back of the hymnal for a list of hymns under the subtitle “Baptism” and find one you would like.

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