Who are the current leaders of Confucianism?

Who are the current leaders of Confucianism?
We are doing a group project that was assigned to research Confucianism and because it is a philosophy, we cannot seem to find an official that guides the “religion,” such as the Pope for Catholicism. Do you know any related officials, such as of an important Confucian organization?

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Answer by aj
Confucianism is an ethical system rather than a religion. (Ethics deals with human behavior and conduct.) Confucius was mainly concerned with how human beings behaved toward each other and paid little attention to such matters as sin, salvation, and the soul. He developed a system of government, society, and justice which we call Confucianism.

There are no leaders of Confucianism, it is a way of life.

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  • bro461_s says:

    Obama, Biden and Pelosi. Oh, I’m sorry…that would be confussionism.

    you might want to check out confucious.

    o.k. confucious was a philosopher not a religious leader. Eastern philosophy is not based on religion like western philosophy aligns itself. You might want to ask this question. “why is the asian philosophy devoid of a religious orientation when it’s over-all direction aligns with christian teachings of peace and love among men?”

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