Who invented divorce?


Who invented divorce?
I am a Catholic and in my faith, divorcing someone is a sin.

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Answer by blanchesophiadorothyrose
Just pull a Henry VIII, he was Catholic, but “invented” the Church of England to get divorced from his first wife.

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10 Responses to “Who invented divorce?”

  • no answers here says:

    I think a better question is, “what idiot invented marriage?”

  • shar71vette says:

    an unhappy married person

  • sweetpea says:

    a very mean person!but i guess if your not happy. but you should of thought of that when taking those vows huh?I AGREE, big sin.

  • cassie says:

    if i no my commandments none of them says don’t divorce am catholic too divorce is not adultery and besides human dont practice what they preach besides if there was know marriage in the first place there wouldnt be divorce to follow

  • Ted Striker says:

    Divorce is something that was invented soon after marriage. Moses is the first noted religious figure in the Bible to divorce his wife. And in the Jewish faith, divorce is still possible. Catholics abandoned that, following Jesus’ instructions that no man should lay asunder what God has brought together. Protestants, though they act as if they follow the Bible literally, seem to conveniently miss that quote and allow divorces. Muslims allow divorce, but it is the most disgusting act in the eyes of God that is allowed by law. So, it is not encouraged.

  • yasir says:

    Divorce comes from Islam. Islam says to remain far away from divorce and use it as a last resort. Islam tells to stay away from bad women, but if you find out their real nature after marriage then try make them good, but use divorce as a last step.

  • countrygirl says:

    A MAN!

  • sharky says:

    certainly not the person who invented marriage its like the chicken and egg situation, in biblical times men had three or four wives so it wasn’t them, that leaves later times when I suppose it must have been a woman the men were enjoying the status quo.

  • Molliweide says:

    Generally, the same people who “invented” marriage, invented “divorce”. It is old testament biblical, but seems to have disappeared from the Catholic versions. Of course, it was easier to abandon your spouse before child support, social security, and reverse look up. People didn’t live as long to need divorce. Sold to or captured by a man 10 years older than you at 12 and dead at 18 from childbirth for kid #6. Matter of fact, the Catholic Church existed centuries before they got into the business of making laws recognizing secular marriages (Justinian’s time). It seems back in those days, Jesus’ return was so imminent that marriage a frivolity at the end of days.

  • Big Daddy says:

    most cetainly a scorned wife !!!!!

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