who knows about a religion called Christian Judaism?

who knows about a religion called Christian Judaism?
I was pretty lost when it came to religions, until like three months ago when i found out about this one. Except for the fact that I don’t actually know if its a real religion because i think i might have heard rong!

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Answer by Lando
Messianic Jews are just christians.

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  • bongernet says:

    By definition, you can’t be a Jew and believe in Jesus (i.e. christian cultist).

  • Trinity7 says:

    It’s called Messianic Judaism. We have a couple at our church who are Messianic Jews.

    Like other Christians,they believe that Jesus of Nazareth, whom they call by his original Hebrew name,Yeshua, is the resurrected Messiah and often the Divine Savior. Messianic Judaism adds to this some observance of Jewish Law.

  • joshsy says:

    Christian Judaism is a misnomer like Messianic Judaism. They are both forms of Christianity marketed for Jews.

  • I Need Coffee says:

    The term is Messianic Jews….and they are really just Christians.

  • Azriel says:

    It’s called Messianic Judaism.
    It’s Jewish people who believe the Old Testament prophecies of the Messiah were fulfilled by Jesus. So basically – Christians 🙂

    For more info check out http://www.jews-for-jesus.org/

  • Mark S, JPAA says:

    You heard right. “Messianic Jews”, “Jews for Judaism”, etc. are **strictly** Christians, no matter what they may call themselves. To us, they are apostates. Period.

  • Barrel Bottom says:

    It doesn’t have any Jewish members. None .Nada.

  • CindyComesBack says:

    Messianic Judaism has NEVER been part of Judaism.

    It was actually invented by Baptists. Gentile, Fundamentalist Baptists. There are very, very few real Jews in it. When it was begun, Jews were not even allowed to hold positions of authority in it, couldn’t be on any of the boards, or in charge of anything.

    Today Messianic Judaism remains about 97% Gentile. There are many, many Gentiles in it who claim to be Jews, however, but they are not and never were. So be very careful about believing them.

    Messianic Judaism was invented by the Baptists in order to continue their propaganda to missionize and convert real Jews to Christianity. This is what they taught in their millions of brochures they sent out, and they gave specific instructions in them on how to do it, by claiming to be Messianic “Jews”.

    It sounds like you’d better read a bit about it. Start here:

  • treetop says:

    we are to cast religion aside for a personal relationship with the living christ, receiving the offer of life 1 john 5:11,13 read it.

  • Your Friendly Jewish Accountant says:

    I’m sorry, but toast just came out my nose from laughing. Oh, the cinnamon! Ouch!!!!!

    If you’re a Christian you cannot possibly be Jewish since you’re asked at EVERY right of passage if you reject all other “gods” and their teachings.

    Not quite possible to slip through the cracks on that one.

  • Mz.Rahi -needs some sleep- says:

    You heard wrong (corrected for spelling). Actually, you may have heard correctly, but what you heard was a parcel of blatant lies.

    Judaism (and many sects of xianity as well) take a strong stance against this cult.


  • WHY says:

    Why would someone want to start such a watered down religion? Now I heard of inter-faith dialogue, which is a good thing because it brings people together. But this seems like it separates people and that only comes from the devil or from human con-artists and tricksters. The devil always works so hard, the wolf comes “dressed” as a lamb. Some will accept the candy, some only when tricked, but some know God, and the enemy of God is getting desperate and they appear to be filled with a spirit, they are possessed; but that spirit can not be God, it is not Holy, the possession is demonic.

  • DS M says:

    Mark S, JPAA is correct when he says:

    ***You heard right. “Messianic Jews”, “Jews for Judaism”, etc. are **strictly** Christians, no matter what they may call themselves.***

    Because he is Jewish, he has knowledge and expertise to speak with authority of all Jews that no non-Jew could have regardless of how much study they did.

    ***Jews for Judaism”, etc. are **strictly** Christians. To us, they are apostates. Period.***

    Thanks Mark for making it clear that “Jews for Judaism” are really Christians with no ties to Judaism!

    Under normal circumstances, I would disagree with you but your being Jewish and all make your words infallible.

    Let’s put this question in context.

    1. Rome conquered Israel and was ruling over her as many others had making Passover an extremely awkward time….celebrating God’s deliverance while needing to be delivered is just awkward.

    2. All people were under Roman rule and spoke and wrote like Rome. If they refused, they would be punished.

    So either you can believe that the Messiah came to deliver His people or not. But understand that either way you choose, Judaism in the scriptures is dramatically different than both forms that are practiced now.

    1. The Sabbath. The Sabbath is determined by the moon. It is not determined by a calendar created to make sure Easter falls near the Passover. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are not days on a Jewish calendar and they have no relationship with the true Sabbath.

    2. As Messianic Jews have the New Testament, so non-Messianic Jews have an oral Torah that was written down called the Talmud. It was written because even though the oral Torah had been perfectly perserved for 1000 years orally through several conquest by God, the non-Messianic Jews became afraid God would no longer keep this tradition safe. So they were determined to do what God would not.

    Since then, those who depend on the prophets for their understanding of both the Tanakh and the Oral Torah, have been writing better interpretations of the event than the prophets that got their information first hand.

    The growth in the 2nd 2000 years of the now written oral Torah has been explosive. So good have they become at writing this 2nd written Torah (the oral Torah/Talmud) that prophets are no longer needed….even though the results of a prophet guided by the Spirit of God (3 person of the Trinity) yielded much better results.

    One can not equate the Judaism being lead by the Spirit of God with the prophets with the form of Judaism where there are no prophets and one is discredited if they acknowledge the Spirit of God speaking to them personally. It can’t be done, period.

    So according to the Accountant above (she has to announce that she is “friendly” or no one would associate that trait with her), non-Messianic Jews have rights of passage which prevents prophets from being Jews as one would have to acknowledge the Spirit of God who used to be honored but who is now shunned. And if you exclude Jews with the Spirit of God from being Jews, then you would have Rabbinic Judaism….not Biblical Judaism.

    If you would like to know more about it, you can start reading here: Act 1:1


    Or here: Hebrews 1:1


    Hope this helps

  • Yah man says:

    Christianity and Judaism are 2 different religions with 2 different concepts of God, life, and religion. Christianity, which includes all followers of Jesus no matter what they call themselves, base their beliefs on the text of the NT that we have today. Combining the 2 can be done only with difficulty with ignorance of or rejection of part of the history or part of the text or writings about Jesus. You must put faith in the text themselves, which have an unknown origin and which have been edited over time. And you can go by what founders of Christianity, called apostolic or early church fathers, state. And you can go by the Holy Ghost, but the Holy Spirit has said different, even contradictory things, to different people at different places at different times (first 7 sects that arose after James became Jesus successor, plus Paul, Paul judaiizers, Apollos, Cephas, Marcion’s judaizer’s, Marcion, ebionites, nazarenes, nazoreans, naasenes, gnostic Christians, Docetists, Montanists, Donatists, Pelagians, and many others). According to one of the earliest founders of Christianity, Justin Martyr, in his debate with Trypho “the Jew”, said The Jesus story did not come from the Jews, but that the Hebrew bible translated into Greek, was used to show the predictions of Jesus. Marcion, who would call other Roman church leaders judaizers for this reason (although most were anti-Jew) and he rejected the entire Hebrew bible. He also said that his father, who supposedly had known Paul, had said that Paul was not a Jew nor were Jesus’ mother or father. Other early church fathers had tried to find several of the locations in the gospels but were unsuccessful. Nor could they locate any Jew or non-Jew in the Galilee who had ever heard of Jesus from their parents or grand-parents. One of the fathers said that the “story of jesus was so unbelievable that it just had to be true”. So all these things and more add up to some big problems for the origin of Christianity.

    Christians have redefined several terms Jews have long used or that are defined in the OT itself. One new one is that Jews who believe in the coming of the Messiah are “non-messianic”. That is ignorance or an absurd lie from the Devil. Unless I misunderstand and he means they are waiting the Moshiach, rather than a Greek messiah.

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