Why did CONS and Bible Belt Christians stop posting “Obama is the AntiChrist” videos on youtube?

Why did CONS and Bible Belt Christians stop posting “Obama is the AntiChrist” videos on youtube?
They were kind of fun 😉 What happened?

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They decided to join the Tea Party

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15 Responses to “Why did CONS and Bible Belt Christians stop posting “Obama is the AntiChrist” videos on youtube?”

  • Shovel Ready says:

    At this point, it is too obvious to bother.

  • Diethyl Ether Dinner Candle ™ says:

    Obama proved he’s just like Bush.

  • consrgreat says:

    When Obama PROVED it

  • gws35 says:

    You mean, like the people who said “Bush is Hitler” and drew cartoons of him being assassinated?

    A Trip Down Memory Lane

    A Short Walk Down Memory Hole Lane

    Remember when the rule was, the first person who compares their opponent to a Nazi loses automatically? Why doesn’t that rule apply to Democrats?

  • Dysnomia says:

    That because he’s Hitler again now, we can’t make up our mind.

  • Peter Purcell says:

    Because President Obama extended the Tax Cuts for the Wealthy.

    They will start back up in 2012, because the extension is only for 2 years.

  • Mr Wolf (blocked by right-wing cowards) says:

    This is “he is a Muslim” month. Next month is the “he is the Antichrist” month.

  • LauraWrites says:

    I guess the few that were doing it moved on. Quit generalizing.

  • Liberalsstopwiththetheatrics says:

    Maybe the FBI showed up at their door, or maybe they are making new ones.

    who cares! we all know the truth.

  • liberals sequestered from truth says:

    That would be like posting the fact that everyone was given berth to by their mother. We know.

  • john says:

    I imagine the same reason the media stopped propping up Dem candidates…election is over. Wait til next cycle, resume antics from both sides.

    btw, I’ll take my 4 points, tyvm

  • jjt says:

    because he is not the anti christ as i have explained in some of my answers

  • Matt says:

    Because now everyone knows the truth.
    So no sense in posting what people already know.

  • Nicholas J says:

    Conservatives are starting to wake up from their 10 year self-imposed FAUX news nightmare.
    Be nice to them. It’s like waking a sleep walker, who knows what exactly is going to happen..

    I mean they are in a tough place. The smarter ones recognize the swift boat style politics and hyperbolic infotainment which has usurped their party’s political discourse. They just haven’t figured out what to do about it..

    Additionally the accusations of racist have actually started working. Enough Republicans thinking gee, im not a racist. And so they have to start thinking again why they hated Obama so passionately from day one. Now they still hate him – but without the razor edged emotion of racism this time around.

  • Liberals FTW Eternal says:

    I consider myself to be a Bible-believing fundamentalist. I will tell you none us know when the end times are or who or what the Anti-Christ will be.

    If someone tells you otherwise, it’s because they’re looking for attention.

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