Why did God create different languages after the tower of Babel?

A question from a reader: Someone else asked a question today about the Tower of Babel and God’s ability to know everything.

It made me wonder about the Tower of Babel. I am a Christian, but I am ignorant of the story of the Tower of Babel. All I know is that man was building it to reach the heavens. I am unclear about the rest. Something about God wanting to create different languages, so that people wouldn’t understand one another? Why would he do something like that?

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8 Responses to “Why did God create different languages after the tower of Babel?”

  • Doorkeeper86 says:

    God wanted the people to spread out and populate the earth. Instead they congregated and started making Babel. God was displeased at their disobediences and changed their languages which forced them to separate from each other over the earth. The story is early in the book of Genesis if you care to read it (interesting piece of very early history).

  • apeman605 says:

    Even as a Christian, I recognize this as a mythological explaination from the Ancient Hebrews for a phenomenon that they did not understand.

  • whyskyhigh says:

    god did it
    for save the humans

  • The Carmelite says:

    God confused their languages because of the pride of the builders who thought that if they built a building high enough they could get it to reach all the way to God in Heaven and then perhaps become like him. God cannot be reached by a tower of any sort. The way he chose to stop them and to prevent them from further attempts, he confused their languages so that one group of people could not understand that of the others.

  • L*a*V*i*S*h A*t*T*e*N*t*I*o*N says:

    I think it states the opposite.

    The descendants of Cain founded a city, some of the inhabitants left that city and went eastward. They wanted to make a name for themselves. God wanted to rescue them from their plans which He saw would succeed and wanted to return them to the land and the blessings that awaited there.

    Like most of the Pentateuch, this is a story of man going after false goods and God intent on giving the true Good.

    The Pentateuch as Narrative
    by John Sailhamer
    Pages 133-135

  • elohim123 says:

    The purpose of the tower was to reach god, but reach him for what? To challenge god that’s what the people wanted to do, and god got angry because he can’t be challenge by his creation (same reason satan lost) so he just confussed their speech so he wouldn’t kill them

  • grayure says:

    Firstly, that clearly didn’t happen as the likes of semantic drift and diachronic change clearly explain distinct languages and to believe literally in the Tower of Babel is like creationism, i.e. anti-Christian. If there was no communication between Britain and America, eventually we’d be speaking different languages and that’s how it happens. Having said that, my interpretation of the story is that human arrogance defeats itself and is no substitute for divine guidance, sort of “pride comes before a fall”. A parallel has also been made between humans attempting to build a tower up to Heaven in the Old Testament, and God successfully building a bridge down to Earth in the person of Jesus Christ. However, that´s clearly a Christian interpretation and i have no idea what Jews or Muslims think about the story.

  • NCY says:

    doorkeep said it all.
    Nimrod was the one who started it all, he was Noah’s great great grandson. he used to hunt animals and people. and he became king and wanted to keep everyone together so he could have domain over them. then he told everyone to start making the tower of babel (babel means confusion). but Jehovah wanted for people to live all over the earth and Nimrod was keeping them all together, so Jehovah changed every body’s languages and everyone parted with the people who spoke the same language. but everyone also took a part of Babel with them and confusion spread to all the earth and that’s why now there are so many false beliefs among people and that’s why our earth is called Babylonia.

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