Why do black people always have such ridiculous names?

Why do black people always have such ridiculous names?
Like Shyquashia and Teronda and Uniqua?
Like they take anything and turn it into a name. Like a black mother and father are in a store shopping and theyre trying to think of a name that wasnt thought up by a “white devil”, so they see canned beans or something and decined to name their kid Canbeaniffa. Like why do they do that?

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Answer by Pistol
black women have no class and they can’t spell or pronounce words

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26 Responses to “Why do black people always have such ridiculous names?”

  • Chel Bell says:

    ._. Um.. I’m black and my name is Chelsea. How is Chelsea a ridiculous name? 🙁

  • Aqua Netta says:

    Like Aquanetta? I was named after hairspray

  • Tae's Wifey says:

    lmao.. who cares Bob Billy

  • Michelle says:

    i think they just like the name like you maybe not like shaquesha or something like that but they do

  • Sabrina Fields says:

    Lack of education.

    Latwatta has to be my fave by far…lol

  • Iyo says:

    Hi my name is Shyquashia and I love you!

  • Charles says:

    My name is Charles, my middle name is Stuart and I am black.

    So that is a ridiculous name? Stop stereotyping.

    I don’t like my name anyway, I wish I had an authentic African name.

  • Hot Island Girlll♥ says:

    You know ALL names are made up right? It really doesn’t matter and this topic makes you look uneducated and ignorant.

  • Queen LaQueefa gurrrl! says:

    whatchu tryna say? dat my name is ridiculous? tell me what’s ridiculous about dis name queen la’queefa? gon head

  • X Jamaican Princess X says:

    Those names are unique

  • Tiare says:

    Not all of them do. My best friend is back and her name is Tori. She has an older sister named Nicole. You are a fool if you think all black people have ridiculous names. That’s just like saying why do white people name their kids after fruits and objects. “Apple”, “Pilot Inspector”.

  • Daphne says:

    idk, but that will really limit them throughout life. Think about what an employer going through job applications would think.

    but ‘Uniqua’ is kinda cute though, but not a name i would give a person

  • I look so good without you says:

    i actually like unique names that others dont have

    im white and my name is also a wierd one but i love it cuz noone else has it where i live

  • Airman says:

    Becaue they want to.

    Is that hurting you in any way?

    I’d rather be named “Rashonda” than “Katey Lee.”

    Who the f made White people the name police??

  • Joяdan says:

    Why are you generalizing all black people? I actually like some of the names they give their children, unique, and sound very nice. Your question is rude, racist and ridiculous. Plus why does it matter to you?

  • tina says:

    Why do you care?

  • Chances68 says:

    Your name is Markus, right? Based on a Latin name. Why did your parents name you after a Roman?

    Many African Americans name their children for figures from the history or mythology of their parts of Africa. The same as Padraic (Patrick) for Irish and Hans or Fritz for Germans.

    Just because you are unfamiliar with something, bub, doesn’t make it ridiculous. Instead, it rather denotes your lack of breadth and learning, doesn’t it?

  • Michael says:

    Hahahahah that’s what I’ve always wondered! I love this questions it’s my favorite I’ve ever heard.

  • Enjoy says:

    Get out of here,White people have last names like Blue Balls,Funk,Jackauff,I have even seen white people name thier sons Pearl?

  • Jello-Mariee says:

    We all have our rights.. If we want a name like that lets us have a name like that. It’s none of your business hpw a person might like something different then you.. Mind your own Business

    Like most people i my house say
    “Sweep around your own front door before you try to sweep around mine”

    All up in black people business.

  • Rebekah says:

    I know right ? I can’t stand that

    I’m like whats your name?
    oh girl my name laquita.
    haha whaat ?
    LAquita, girl.
    Excuse me ?
    LAQUITA, dam girl you deaf? hahaa.
    oh aha aha ..

    But I have a white girl name. Fine by me too.

  • ic says:

    same reason why your parents named you dumbazz… see, it fits.

  • Jagadip says:

    Isn’t your girl named Shaqualia, your a hipacrite I saw you with her in Jersey last week. You like the big girls huh. This is true!

  • Mint Ch0colate says:

    Well let me tell you why. Our names are silly because we take pride in populating ourselves. We need names that are different as possible. So why is it that some white people have the same names? Is it because you reproduce less?

  • circa94 says:

    DAPHNE IS A LOSER. the girl two people below me me is obsessed with black people and questions about black peple. here is a question that she posted not too long ago.

    “Why are 70% of BIack women single?
    Awwww, are you jealous that women of other races like me have nice boyfriends that cuddle up with them every night and have somebody to sleep next to (and inside of) and have somebody to go out to dinner, take shopping and pay for everything while you have to sit at home alone on the phone with your “gurls” complaining about how there is no good bIack men out there and how other races of men show no interest in you because they are just “scared”?


    Now, I have to get the Wine bottles out, me and my boyfriend are having a romantic dinner (and hopefully a just as romantic night to follow!) 😉

    Additional Details
    oh, i’ll give best answers 2morrow, gotta go, my steak is done

    (oh btw, my name is rachel, and i’m half black. sounds pretty normal to me?)

  • Demi L. says:

    I Happen to have a normal name…..

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