Why do Christian missionaries enter my home country of India and try to convert my people to Christianity?

A question from a reader: The religion of us Indians is Hinduism and we don’t need some false desert religion called Christianity in our lands. Christianity is foreign to us Indians because we could care less about some Israeli Jew named Jesus.

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39 Responses to “Why do Christian missionaries enter my home country of India and try to convert my people to Christianity?”

  • gertystorrud says:

    Your is Counterfeit!! (“They”/we are telling you the Truth!!)

  • onyx says:

    Says you.

  • I Has Hat ◕‿◕ says:

    All religion is false anyways.

  • rukidding says:

    It’s their job? Here’s a thought: Don’t convert if you don’t want to.

  • Alexis says:

    If you could care less, why are you complaining?

  • Delgarits says:

    It is the nature of Christianity.. They think they have the absolute truth (even though they don’t have a shred of evidence that support their claim) and are trying to save everyone from the wrath of their all loving God.

  • Anony Mouse says:

    Yeah, why convert to a false religion, when you have the REAL religion…. because hinduism is soooooo much more likely lmao

    Just proves that all you religious people are alike in your arrogant superstitions…

  • Austin says:

    you don’t have to accept it.

  • ladyren says:

    The world truly would be better off without any religions. Yours, theirs and anyone else’s

    Religions were invented to control money and people. Get rid of them and you are free of all that crap imposed upon you by religion.

  • Mythos says:

    Then keep your Hinduism out of my country – the United States of America, pal.

    And stop murdering Hindus who convert to Christianity in India.

  • CC says:

    I suggest you enact some laws that would discriminate against these christian missionaries. At the very least, make them pay exorbitant fees to get licenses to proselytize in your country.

  • Mike F says:

    well i think the way u descirbed christianity is a bit harsh lol. just tell them leeve and get off ur land becuz you dont care about wut they have to offer

  • Hail Naw! says:

    Christianity is spread throughout the world. Indians aren’t forced to convert. Christians do more than that, they help the poor and donate their time with charities.

  • Nick W says:

    Hey, every salesman has targets to reach!

  • Gallivanting Galactic Gadfly says:

    mental illness is like that

  • Prometheus Unbound says:

    Hey, it worked in Goa. Ask Dinesh D’souza.

  • Puma says:

    Because they care about those people and want them to be saved. There is nothing wrong with that. I have the upmost respect for missionaries and what they go through on a daily basis. They are not forcing them to convert, they have the option to choose. They are there to provide you with the opportunity if you want it. Nobody is forcing you or them to do anything.

  • ♥Tamara♥ says:

    Low confidence.

  • ShaolinWarrior says:

    They go because they love your people and they don’t want them ending up in eternal flames because they believe in a lie, that’s why.

  • Jonathan G. says:

    Number one: the religion of india isn’t Hinduism! India is not a theocracy. India is also Muslim and Buddhist, too. You sound like a BJP fascist to me.

  • tigersaregods says:

    Because they refuse to respect any other religion but their own!

  • valhall13 says:

    I don’t know why. I wish they’d leave everyone alone and quit their prosletyzing. it’s insulting and rude.

  • E. F. Hutton says:

    A goal of most religion is to spread, like a virus.
    You’re speaking for all Indians?
    Christians are often persecuted in India.
    Christians and Jews and Muslims could care less about murtis.
    This is a reason why freedom of, and from, religion is so valuable. Indians and any others that choose Hinduism are free to worship as they see fit here in the USofA. Cool huh?

  • Kevin Thompson says:

    Matthew 23:15 Yes, how terrible it will be for you teachers of religious law and you Pharisees. For you cross land and sea to make one convert, and then you turn him into twice the son of hell as you yourselves are.

  • mixed says:

    There are some in your country that actually may enjoy the views of other religions…And your country has most of our jobs, we don’t like that…(out-sourcing)

  • Our Father's Page says:

    The Lord has commissioned all believers to tell the Good news! These missionaries you are complaining about, are doing what the Lord has instructed them to do, and many risk their lives to do it.
    But know this:

    NO ONE can come unto the Father unless the Holy Spirit draws them. We are just messengers. Your people would not be responding unless the Truth resonated in their hearts and they were drawn by the Holy Spirit. Those who responded and repented have had their sins washed away and possess the divine promise of eternal life. No cow or tree can give you that.

    Obviously your last statement is false, because there are many many many Indians who cared very much when they received the Gospel and are now saved. You should be talking to them, so they can explain to you, what happened to them when their lives were transformed! Praise the Lord!

  • Ryan says:

    Cause all Christians are T//@TS =P

  • THREE RIVERS says:

    It’s not conversion they seek. They seek the Chosen. Those that respond to the word of God and take it their heart become new creatures. His name must be known in all the Earth as we wait for his soon return. You Are right in one thing, there is only one true God. Not a neighborhood God , depending on your location.

  • Smooth Kitty AY AE says:

    They suck
    and do not know their boundaries
    In my country, they try to legislate their beliefs into secular law
    They simply suck..
    Remember China´s Olympics and the bible distribution..
    they REALLY don´t know, when to stop

  • Scott M says:

    Because they are arrogant enough to believe that they are doing your people a favor.

    Just as you are arrogant enough to assume that your religion encompasses your entire country.

  • aladdinwa says:

    Because Christian Missionaries have no respect for any other religion.

  • agape says:

    i dunno and i’m sorry that they do.

    it’s one thing to evangelize through their walk and to enter a country to aid.

    it’s another to enter a country with the sole purpose of proselytizing.

    i think it’s wrong for these folks to stand in front of the places of worship to those indigineous to the land and tell them they’re going to hell.

    i’m sorry that they are doing that, it’s shameful.

  • quantumblink says:

    It’s just what Christians do. One of the first tenets in their religion is “to spread the word of God”. I know, it’s really annoying they can’t seem to keep their nonsensical joy to themselves and feel the need to annoy everyone else.

    Secondly, you show very little knowledge of your own country since over a hundred million Indian citizens are Muslim not to mention the 20+ million Christians living there. Have you never been to the east or even the state of Goa? There are Christians everywhere over there.

  • Ravi says:

    Every man has his freedom to follow a religion of his choice.

    Many christian missionaries force the hindus/muslims etc to convert to christianity. They exploit the poor people by giving some money(like u give to a beggar) and convert them to christian and desert them. Also these missionaries tell false claims to the poor illiterate people saying there wud be miracles/magic cures/prosperity etc in christianity and convert them.

    This kind of forceful conversion just leaves a black mark on the whole religion. IMO all religions are just a path to seek the supreme one. But many are making it as a business and trying to convert more and more people to make a particular religion as superior. But it wont last long!

  • Jay says:

    First of all his name wasn’t Jesus it was yashua bin yusef. There are no letter j in the Hebrew language. Secondly he was a Jew not a Christian so if these so called sincere really wanted to follow his teachings they follow the Torah. It was pauls lyin ass that made this “religion up” go ask you pastor. Christanity is just another name for hellinisim the worship of many gods that the Romans practiced. Sorry to break that to you. The rapture is so a lie made up in the 1800s by Charles Darby. It has no biblical backing. I love the Internet you can find out all kinds of interesting info

  • Really says:

    Aggressive christian conversion based on bribery has no place in India nor any other country. The very act of entering another country and attempting to convert others to “the one true way” is one of arrogance and ungodliness. All people are created equal. Indian civilisation has been around for many thousands of years before Christianity and the wisdom contained within it is of the highest order.

    In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with any religion. It is simply a path to divinity, any path can be used. Unfortunately, the people who champion the religions are the ones at fault and it is their arrogance and superiority complex which does religions a disservice.

    Also, Hindus do not and have never tried to convert anyone ever so there is no threat to a population from hinduism. Christianity on the other hand has always sought to convert and has done so in an underhanded, wrong manner. Now, how can that be the way of God? I would urge christians to reconsider their methods of conversion and to go back and think about whether it makes sense.

    By all means spread good will and help the poor, but don’t make it contingent upon conversion. That is malice and trickery not worthy of a truly religious person.

  • promise says:

    If Christianity were a false religion why would Christians be giving their lives everyday to tell people about their religion? who would die for something thats not true?? There has to be truth in Christianity if people are willing to die for it just to give out a bible or tell others hundreds of miles away from their home about Christianity.

  • true says:

    Christianity is not a foreign religion to India, it is an older than Hinduism.

  • Someone says:

    Islam was brought to India by the Turkish Invaders.
    Christianity was enforced upon Indians by the colonial rule.
    Hinduism,isnt precisely a religion,but a way of life for when Hinduism came to existence,it was the only religion hence no concept of our religion or ur religion.Unfortunately,Hinduism got corrupted over the centuries and get polluted by superstitions and irrelevant rituals.What gets lost,is the true spirit and wisdom of Hinduism.If a Hindu could just dig beneath the surface of what appears to be hokum and a bunch of superstitions,he would find an immensely rich and sensible religion.And what irks many Hindu’s is that this ancient religion due to conversion is coming to an untimely end.And unlike Islam or Christianity,India happens to be the only home of Hinduism.

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