Why do “filipino” “catholic” “men” practice self-flagellation and self-crucifixion?

Why do “filipino” “catholic” “men” practice self-flagellation and self-crucifixion?
“Catholicism” is NOT Christian, and every “filipino” is going to hell unless they escape from that dog kennel they call church.

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talk dirty some more, baby!

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16 Responses to “Why do “filipino” “catholic” “men” practice self-flagellation and self-crucifixion?”

  • hadron says:

    My friends a filipino.

  • Hammer Brother says:

    You’re just jealous because our rituals are better than yours.

  • Science > Religion says:

    Pretty sure that Catholics are christians as the only requirement to be a christian is to believe in the christ fairy tale.

  • Truth Seeker 2020 says:

    They are deceived, that is why

  • Muhammad_peace_be_upon_me says:


  • Gesonta says:

    Not all Filipinos are Catholic. My wife isn’t.

    I’m usually the one to speak against the Catholic church, but actually the Catholic church does not support self-flagellation and self-crucifixion in the Philippines. This is well documented.

    There are plenty of other things to attack them on such as Mary worship, idolatry, and necromancy.

  • Pigpen 1 says:

    no sillier than drinking blood and eating body ………should I go on

  • there is no spoon says:

    Why do you practice being God? Telling us who is and isn’t going to hell.


  • Smarternyou says:

    Do you worship and love the baby killing bible god (egypt’s first born)? Baby killing is evil you know….

    Speaking of dog kennels…what is heaven but one big giant dog kennel? You spend eternity as the lap dog of a baby killer, eternity as nothing more than a subserviant dog to a god whose ego is so massive it demands eternal worship and praise to be lavished upon itself. You will be licking the hand of your master for etenity…sounds like a dog to me.

  • Mike K says:


    If you can tell or prove to me I’m going to hell then I’ll fall down and worship you for you have to be God.

    As for the Filipinos, it must be like the guy who kept hitting himself on the head with a hammer. He says he did so because it feels good when you stop!


    Michael Kelly

  • XAndrewX says:

    Venting, ranting or using hate speech

    Yahoo! Answers isn’t a soapbox to vent personal frustrations or rant about issues. We are a community of people with diverse beliefs, opinions, and backgrounds, so please be respectful and keep hateful and incendiary comments off Yahoo! Answers.

  • Boba Fett says:

    Who died and made you the judge of what is or is not Christianity? Don’t you “REAL” Christians go to hell for being judgmental?

  • Rico JPA says:

    C’mon, admit it. You’re a secret poe’s law atheist troll, right? I mean, really?

  • reflexologist says:

    “filipino” “catholic” “men” do such things in disobedience to the Church.

    It is said that if a lie is repeated often enough and loudly enough, people will come to believe it. That isn’t necessarily so.

    A real whopper may never be believed fully by anyone, no matter how often or loudly it is proclaimed, but for a whopper to be effective, it does not need to be believed in every detail. It is enough that it leaves behind a bad impression. People will think that if anyone bothers to promote such a lie, there must be a kernel of truth in it.

    The same goes for exaggeration and false implications. Distort the truth and people will think it has some basis in fact. Take a truth and phrase it in such a way that it looks suspicious, or juxtapose it with an acknowledged evil, and the mind will be tempted to draw all sorts of ill-founded conclusions.

    The following are three examples of the whoppers, exaggerations, and false implications found in the writings of professional anti-Catholics. These are not isolated slips of the pen. They are the kinds of things that fill tracts to overflowing, and they demonstrate that anti-Catholic writers often use dishonest reporting to advance their cause.


  • Daver says:

    < >

    FLAGELLANTS – Groups of fanatical persons who performed or administered physical penances in public. Though condemned by the popes several times, they always reappeared. Their exaggerated pretensions developed into heresy, particularly in the late Middle Ages. In modern times self-flagellation in private and in moderation is a recognized form of penance and devotion. (Etym. Latin flagellare, to whip, scourge, lash.)

    The reason some Catholics do this is because there is Redemptive Power in suffering so long as the believer has the spiritual wherewithall to unite his/her suffering with Christ’s suffering.

    < <"Catholicism" is NOT Christian,>>

    Catholics ARE Christian – if they weren’t, the filipino flagellants would not be trying to unite their suffering with Christ’s!

    < >

    Jesus and His Church are inseparable. . . So if that is your opinion of the Church, then that is also your opinion of Jesus. Since when does one get to Heaven by persecuting Christ?

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