Why do pro-choicers disparage the oppisition by claiming they’re only religious zelots or “bible thumpers”?

Why do pro-choicers disparage the oppisition by claiming they’re only religious zelots or “bible thumpers”?
I as well as a lot of people who are not religious object to abortion because your killing a human (no matter how young)…why do people just claim it’s about religion?

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Answer by John V
I am pro choice and I never ever disparaged the opposition by claiming that.

Most pro choice people are anti abortion for theirselves. It is a difficult issue, you will not win people to your side by spreading BS

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9 Responses to “Why do pro-choicers disparage the oppisition by claiming they’re only religious zelots or “bible thumpers”?”

  • Anarcho-Capitalist. says:

    “because your killing a human” Actually no, a fetus is not a human. Fetuses aren’t self aware, intelligent, or capable of complex thoughts.

  • Maxwell says:

    it is a way to discredit their opposition.

    unfortunately for them, most Americans are religious, so trying to insult religious people is generally not productive.


    The qualities you’ve listed are also not present in new-born babies. They are not self-aware, not intelligent, cannot construct complex thoughts, and cannot even focus on their own hands. Have a kid some time, and you will realize it is weeks before they even notice their own hands. So by your definition, new-borns are not human?

    You may want to rethink your personal justifications.

  • Dennis P says:

    First anarcho- you just defined a liberal.

    The far left always resorts to name calling when their facts turn into fiction.

  • romack45 says:

    People who know that their position is wrong often try to justify themselves by finding some perceived fault in those that disagree with them.

  • ash says:

    Many of them are; but I am more inclined to call them hypocrites who want an issue to rant about without ever solving it.

  • Eve says:

    Because the religious zealots and bible thumpers are the ones you guys designate to give interviews.

  • Jx2-57 says:

    Pro choice advocates are not the ones that introduce the bible or religion into the conversation, It is the “thumpers” themselves. They think that religion trumps all arguments. Don’t want to be called a zealot then leave the bibles in church.

  • Imitated, But NEVER Duplicated says:

    I’m pro-choice and I don’t call them that.

    I just call them hypocrites.

  • Nighthawk says:

    I agree with you murder is murder no matter how you cut it. Protecting life has always been a fundamental part of being an American. Abortions are killing another being. Regardless as to whether you are religious or not most do believe that a life should be protected as long as that life is not a threat to the life or safety of another.

    Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness.

    Oh yes just for information purposes just because one is a Christians or a member of any other religion that does not automatically make them a fanatic. Also what is a Bible thumper?

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