Why Do So Many Idiots Discriminate Fat People?

Why Do So Many Idiots Discriminate Fat People?
I mean wow, how would they like it if they were in their position. How would you know fat people haven’t been depressed or just have it running in their family? its so offensive, the fact that we have such discriminating idiots in this world shows that the world is screwed up. Anyway im sick of people getting made fun of because their overweight, its nearly the same as racism. Tell me your opinion.
Just what is with this bigotry? i know people who pratically eat nothing and do plenty of exercise and their still a bit fat. And i know that there are lots of people who eat as much as they like and never put on weight!!! I mean does being fat make you evil or something? no way, were supposed to love everyone in this world whether they be tall, small, fat, thin or whatever. This discrimination is a joke.

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Answer by ZER0 C00L
People think “fat is their fault”. They think if fat people reeeeeeeeally wanted to not be fat, they could just… do a few sit ups, eat a salad and POOF, all the fat simply melts away.

NOT SO, everybody. Being fat isn’t indicative of “laziness”. It doesn’t denote “sloth” or “slovenliness”. It doesn’t mean “stupid”.

People DO buy into these stereotypes and it IS very unfair. Judging people based on skewed preconceptions (most of which are MISconceptions) is irresponsible and hurtful.

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11 Responses to “Why Do So Many Idiots Discriminate Fat People?”

  • Angel says:

    Ya! I am sick of it too. Lets all fat people join together and sit on the bastards.

  • dnaunraveled says:

    If people choose to be the race they are
    or choose to be fat,
    then Fat discrimination is the same as racial discrimination.
    If not,

  • ♥michele♥ ~ oh so ruthless... says:

    If I see an overweight person going to McD’s and stuffing his/her face with anything and everything… I have no sympathy. I find that disgusting and to be extreme gluttony. If I see an overweight person at the gym and at least trying to eat a sensible diet… I can sympathize and I know that person actually cares about him or herself.

    And the same goes with people of all shapes and sizes. Gluttony is just disgusting.

  • P S says:

    Fat people are dangerous. For example, commercial aircraft have crashed in recent years for one reason: People have gotten so fat, the planes were too heavy to carry all that extra lard that they weren’t designed for.
    As a result, planes have removed seats to save us all from a fiery death. Airlines said they removed seats out of kindness for their passengers, to provide more legroom. The fact of the matter is, fat people kill. Of course, the price of airfare went up because there are fewer paying passengers per pound.

  • got2be_me82 says:

    yeah i agree with u!

  • LadyVampire says:

    because all people like all things around them to be beautiful, and many years ago(blame Twiggy, a model from the 50’s or 60’s) society was told that people who are over weight are not beautiful in any way so they are to be scorned. But i do not believe this and many of the people i spend time with and enjoy are considered over weight

  • silverbirch says:

    I’ll be perfectly honest with you. I never saw people with “hormone” problems or “big bones” on any of the concentration camp films I ever saw. Yes, it’s a lot easier to put on weight than lose it (tell me about it), but 99% of people have no REAL excuse.

  • sway_26 says:

    because MOST people CAN do something about their weight. MOST people become overweight do to lack of self-control and laziness. From what i understand, it is not ok to make fun of people because of things they CANNOT control, for things that can be controlled, its fair game.

  • サイヤ人 says:

    I know sometimes people who are fat can’t help it because of a hormonal problem or such and then they shouldn’t be insulted or offended because of their condition but other times it IS their own fault and they deserve any comments that come their way.

    If they are depressed it is their own fault that they turn to comfort eating or whatever. Nobody force fed them. With todays healthy living attitude so widely popular, gyms and knowledge of foodstuffs and the effects on the body, there is no excuse to be fat. It’s got to do with eating habits and lifestyle.

    I’m not going to feel sorry for someone being fat when I see them chowing down rubbish food.

    Try putting down the Big Mac and hitting the gym!

  • gadgetyann says:

    Wow, a lot of these answers illustrate your point well. As with many things, ignorance is the culprit. Over-eating is a symptom of so many things – people who are born without these issues simply cannot understand. Interesting that alcoholism is considered a disease but overeating is not. Do any of you nay-sayers think a fat person CHOOSES to be the subject of life long ridicule and discrimination?????

  • 12hrdaze says:

    To the person who made the comment about McDonalds…
    I’m thin, and I eat it… are you saying thats okay? You wouldnt feel sorry for me, or give me a second glance? But if I was fat, how dare I eat there?

    One meal will not do anything, for all you know they lost 40lbs already and that was their treat for the success..!

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