Why is it so “Cool” to hate President Obama?

Why is it so “Cool” to hate President Obama?
I’v never seen a President so disrespected in my entire life. People are always using properganda against this guy. They say many biased things like he’s “The Anti-Christ”, he’s a Muslim, he’s racist and stuff like that. I’v never heard anything like this even when Bush was in Office.

Next, all these little kids who like to say “He isnt doing anything!!” And critisize him, even when they don’t know anything about Politics.

They don’t know that we have a terrible congress in Office that won’t work with him. A congress that’s selfish anf greedy that won’t think about the citizens of America and instead pay attention to him as a person. But no one pays attention to that. They just hate and blame Obama.

Now I have to admit that im not a huge fan of some of Obama’s decisions but can we at least put some trust into him.

Now I have to ask, why is it so popular to hate Obama? The world would have to be blind if its because of him and not look at congress one bit.

Please, rude comments, just a question.


Oh, and please excuse my grammer and spelling errors, im typing this on a mobile phone.

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Answer by real
well bush was attacked more i think lmfao. and the reason obam is attacked is because hes not even really black. and hes just a puppet

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8 Responses to “Why is it so “Cool” to hate President Obama?”

  • Arthur says:

    Apparently you weren’t around just a few years ago when Bush was President. What’s going on now is nothing.

  • M.j Lim says:

    Misguided information by Republicans

  • Jim B says:

    Other than the fact he is a dumb ass Dictator want to Be that don’t know how to do anything without screwing up something else and playing golf. If he is not kept in check we would not have a country left to defend before he term is up. What a Loser

  • notmyname says:

    its just some hard times with lots of things going wrong and the people are simply using obama as a scapegoat because they dont know who else to blame

  • Sean says:

    I don’t know, they called Bush every name in the book including racist!!

  • OldGringo says:

    Stupid people do stupid things.

  • David says:

    Give the sack to any president if he doesnt rule properly lookat the good side he not harm dont destroy people but learn to rule decently. There comes a time when decent people must live for the better african america is not better than white, latino’s, spanish what ever they deserve to live as freedom is a right beleive in freedom make things buy things save money beleive as the world is in crisis because of jealous ways people try to ruin without understanding dont ruin.giving freemoney out doesnt make a president better but a limiton money a teachers that teaches self control is better than any thing.

  • Sandy K says:

    Hate is a terrible word and we shouldn’t hate each other that is wrong.we can dislike a person..

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