Why is “Jesus Christ” more offensive than “God”?

Why is “Jesus Christ” more offensive than “God”?
My dad says I am allowed to say “God,” but I’m not allowed to say “Jesus Christ,” because I might offend people.
I know in the Bible it says not to say the lords name in vain, but why is Jesus Christ worse than God?
Thanks 🙂

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Answer by Dante
Christians think Jesus is the only way to find Heaven and so hold him in highest regard.

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One Response to “Why is “Jesus Christ” more offensive than “God”?”

  • John R says:

    Depends – personally, I think “Jesus H. Christ on a crutch!” is fine, but “Yahweh” is grounds for immediate stoning, if not worse. We all have our little quirks. As for the rules, if it’s not a big deal, just follow your Dad’s wishes until you grow up and move out; then you can say what you want whenever he isn’t around. Some Dad’s allow discussion and debate over rules, but generally religious rules tend to be pretty hard-and-fast, no matter how seemingly irrational they are. Religions are funny that way.

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