Woman on Leaving Westboro Baptist Church

Woman on Leaving Westboro Baptist Church

Libby revealed why she decided to leave the cult-like and controversial Westboro Baptist Church.
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22 Responses to “Woman on Leaving Westboro Baptist Church”

  • Stromboli says:

    Divorce is abominable in Christianity too. What’s the divorce rate in this country? Are you rallying against it?

    Stop cherry-picking whatever policies look fun to you and learn to love the people around you for who they are.

  • Richard Fightmaster says:

    Don’t bash it ’till you’ve tried it!

  • Robert Downey Jr. says:

    Stop being an intolerant asshole and go gain 40 IQ points so that you can legally be marked as “mildly-impaired”

  • REDnYELLOW100 says:

    If you want to see how LIBBY PHELPS is doing since leaving the church, look up her wedding music video she filmed in Cozumel Mexico

    Search: Libby Phelps Alvarez – Best Wedding Music Video

  • Mercury Morrison says:

    The only abomination is the fact that fuckheads like you haven’t been genetically bred out of the gene pool yet.

  • Ansel Ford says:

    No, just someone who is a LOT more intelligent that a dumbfuck like YOU.

  • dave1273 says:

    Funny how they are all leaving while laws are being pass to stop them from protesting. NC just past a law banning them from their state and federal government actually passed a law forbidding any protest at a funeral of a fallen solider.

  • hitmandude360 says:


  • Ansel Ford says:

    Go fuck yourself.

  • 81myopinion says:

    Anderson, you are not crafty, you know your lifestyle is abnormal so cut the crap. Homos should let people know who they are and not play straight and stop recruiting young boys and stop equating their lifestyle to to minorities, because that’s BS, your lifestyle is an abomination but it is your choice, marriage is btw a Man and Woman. Done. SAME SEX IS AN ABOMINATION AND WILL ALWAYS BE.

  • David Leimkuehler says:

    Thank goodness this young woman saw how terrible this Phelps asshole is….And thank Anderson Cooper for reporting the truth about these awful people!!

  • William bROWN says:

    I don’t mean a literal hell people. I mean people who faced all types of hell here on earth.

  • XsnakesforeverX says:

    I especially agree with the first part.

  • XsnakesforeverX says:

    That’s a shame. Oh well, at least you seem somewhat reasonable from your other posts.

  • XsnakesforeverX says:

    This video may be of interest: /watch?v=B6S8l4CJnsk

  • nhall022 says:

    good for her

  • Cutie9326 says:

    Exactly. In fact, it’s been proved that the divorce rate is lower in states with same-gender marriage & that the divorce rate is lower in gay couples than in heterosexual couples. People can google this. People need to educate themselves on this. Also, Jesus never spoke a single word about, much less against homosexuality & marriage equality anywhere in the Gospels, the red letter. Over 1500 species have some homosexuality in them it’s not unnatural. & Papa Jesus is a loving Dad, not a bigot.

  • Cutie9326 says:


    … and darkness can never really overcome the light. Light ultimately wins. (John 1:5 Light shines in the darkness, yet the darkness did not overcome it. / And the light shines on in the darkness, and the darkness has never put it out.) And love ultimately wins for it keeps no record of wrongs and never fails (1 John 4:8 & 4:16; 1 Corinthians 13:5; 13:8.) Papa Jesus bless you, brother. 🙂

  • Cutie9326 says:

    Yes. John the apostle said that he who says, I love God, but hates his brother is a liar, for if we don’t love people we can see, how can we love God, whom we cannot see? (Not on the physical plane anyway). He who claims to love Jesus, but hate His created children (that is all of mankind, all those He brought into existence) is a liar and walks in darkness (ignorance, hate, carnality). Of course, being imperfect humans we all happen to mess up…

  • William bROWN says:

    You have been unspammed.:D

  • William bROWN says:

    As a friend stated, ‘Religion is for those who fear going to (a made-up) hell. Spirituality is for those who already been there.”

  • William bROWN says:

    Oh by the way i am a Christian.

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