Would You Name Your Child “Lucifer”?

Would You Name Your Child “Lucifer”?
The name means “bringing light” according to BehindTheName.com. Even though the name has bad connotations to the evil being, he was not always evil right? He was the brightest angel of God.

Knowing all this, would you still not name your child “Lucifer?”

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Answer by -=SyN=- |AM|
Lucifer is such a freaking sweet name.

Hello, i’d like you introduce you to my son, Lucifer.

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20 Responses to “Would You Name Your Child “Lucifer”?”

  • God is good says:

    no lol

  • AlteredxxReality says:

    I might name my child that.

    It sounds like a nice name.

  • solarius says:

    Personally, no, although I’ve encountered the name before, and know what it means. I wouldn’t want to put a kid through that much schoolyard bullying. “Lucas” also means “light”, and would save the kid a few hundred beatings at recess.

  • tracey a says:

    never, know someone with an infant named Damian

  • stan46 says:

    it reminds me of the cat in cinderella…
    such a mean cat…
    tried to eat the mice…

    I would not b/c even though it has a nice meaning, i don’t like the sound of the name

  • Frau Hunter says:

    answer: Wouldn’t bother me. I’d fear the child would be harassed though. And nicknamed Lucy.

  • Yahahahahaha says:

    wow, i never knew thats what it meant, well now I might just try and use that!!

    I hope my deeply christian girlfriend will agree!!


  • ᴥ Anthem Demon ᴥ SC says:

    No..for the simple fact that a lot of people wouldn’t know the meaning.

    My sister used to work in a nursing home…one of the patients had an imaginary boyfriend named Lucifer. 😛

  • BlueOctagons says:

    It doesn’t sound right with my husband-to-be’s last name… so, even if I liked it and didn’t mind the negative connotations in my very Christian community, I wouldn’t use it.

  • Amanda says:

    No; I don’t doubt it’s a great name, in fact, my cat’s name is Pussifer (figure it, lol). I will choose a name for my child that has meaning for me; but also one that is respectable and not obvious of my Satanic beliefs… A female name I already have in consideration is “Lilith”; a mythological demon, but a somewhat common name.

  • ..... says:

    I dont know but..Some place in europe its illegal to name your kid Judas…..

  • ebed says:

    Lucifer is NOT the name of Satan the Devil.

    It’s a mistranslation of the hebrew word helel which comes from the root

    halal (haw-lal’);

    a primitive root; to be clear (orig. of sound, but usually of color); to shine; hence, to make a show, to boast; and thus to be (clamorously) foolish; to rave; causatively, to celebrate; also to stultify:

  • Viva Liberty! i miss brett favre says:

    That name rocks. If I ever had a boy, I’d consider it as a middle name.

  • irk.some says:

    I’ll go ask my son, Adolf Lee Harvey.

  • alana says:

    No. It would be disrespectful to God. It would be an insult. Who in thier right mind would name a child after satan. It is a very sick individual that would even consider such a thing.

  • Universal Mind says:

    Nah, i know God created that name, but Lucifer has it.
    Its like trying to name you kid Kobe Bryant or George W Bush
    catch my drift?

  • Xeelee ~ Science Monkey says:

    And Adolf means wolf…. But I wouldn’t name my son that either. I would not what my kid to get picked on and harassed for because of his name.

  • Little Miss Vixen♥ says:

    NO !!!

  • Phist says:

    In a New York minute… That’s the wickedest name ever.
    It’s REALLY too bad I’m probably going to be in a same sex relationship for the rest of my life. I have so many awesome names for kids:
    But Lucifer almost tops the list…
    Aw well, I dont want kids anyways.

    If you’re gonna do it, just make sure you dont raise a little b*tch that’s going to get picked on. Kid with a name like that has to be the sort to stick up for himself.

  • metaphors_fall_flat says:

    Personally, I would not; there are too many negative connotations.

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